The Flow visualisation

Just as the Internet allows us to connect with the rest of the world, the water from the River Tamar eventually joins the Atlantic where it will become part of a larger ocean system that spans the globe. Using the river as a metaphor for the constant stream of data on the Internet, The Flow visualisation combines a real-time flow of social media data with live underwater video streaming from Plymouth Sound, in the South West of England.

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The Flow tracks tweets that include keywords that evoke both the movement of water and the transfer of data. Once the project’s server captures a relevant tweet, it releases it in the form of a bubble emerging from the flow of the river, which is broadcast live from Plymouth Sound.

Tidal information from the Tamar dictates the speed of the bubbles; the higher the tide, the faster the flow of data. Live video streaming from the Plymouth Sound has been provided by PLUTO (Plymouth Underwater Teaching Observatory) courtesy of the Marine Institute at Plymouth University.

The Flow Visualisation was devised and commissioned by the Atlantic Project( incorporating the River Tamar Project). Designed and developed with by One Polygon.

Read more about The Flow visualisation and explore past commissions on our Projects page.

The Atlantic Project (incorporating the River Tamar Project) is hosted by Peninsula Arts at Plymouth University, UK.